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With uncertainty over jobs and wages, many consumers are unwilling to put down their homes as collateral for a cash advance, even when that means highly competitive interest rates and borrowing expenses from big financial corporations. The alternative is to seek lenders to borrow 1.5k or more without collateral needed, such that assets will not be at risk in the event that the borrower lose his steady income and default on the smaller pay back plans. This may not be a good solution to get a large loan during the current economy stuck in recession.

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Be aware that all your financing and pay back activities are recorded on credit reports monitored at the central agencies. If you are late or miss a payment, your credit score will be affected and you may not get another chance to borrow a cash advance for 36 months.

An unsecured loan is actually more preferred by many people, given that they fear losing their homes, lands or business used to secure a bank loan. They gladly pay the increased financing rates in return for not risking their assets. Usually, if you have zero income, mainstream financing companies will not issue a 36 month loan for you. Today, there are many online lending companies that can approve 1,500 dollar same day decision loans quickly. We recommend using an US registered lender.

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If you are looking for a loan with low credit scores under 600, how can you find eligible financing services in that do not need collateral? There are mainly two types of electronic cash loans, either secured or unsecured. You can try to find some banks, although we can be pretty sure that you are not going to find it easy to get traditional lending institutions who does not require collateral unless you have a good borrowing/payment history and high income. Or you can just go straight for WA nonbank lending firms and reduce the consequences.

Note that in any borrowing, you need to ensure your returns on investment exceeds the financing cost charged by your long term and low fee lenders or else it is not worth the effort to take the risk. In fact, this is especially true when you are borrowing $1500 as margin for stock market investments. The risk here is too high and stacked against you, so we seriously recommend against doing so. Even for real estate investments, it is too easy to lose money in the end due to the high interest rates and borrowing expenses on bad or poor credit loans.

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If you need a WA lender but do not wish to sacrifice the house or you do not own any valuable assets that can be used as collateral, you can still borrow from U.S. registered lending websites as long as you are employed in the same job for the past 3 months. Some even let you borrow 1500 dollar against your pension or unemployment insurance. The usual way of working with the neighborhood personal lenders is to provide them a post-dated check and make sure you have sufficient funds in your bank account for the deduction. If you are too conservative, you will take a very long time to clear a cash loan and that increases your APR and fees. For example in WA, your non loanshark financing rate can be 15%.

If your monthly paycheck is 1,500 dollars, your debt to earnings ratio will easily exceed 50% in the above example and the risk of default is quite high. When you spread the non-bank loan payback amount over 36 months at the same APR, your longer payment plans can be slightly reduced and becomes more manageable.

Note that the above example is for your own estimates in choosing lending firms for a 1500 dollar loan non-payday. They usually will not ask straightly whether you can afford the extendable payment plans or suggest the optimal monthly payback schedule. In fact, these 1 hour decision lenders will not ask you any difficult questions. You are free to choose how to use the money – whether to start your own business, for a wedding or to pay unpaid utilities about to get disconnected.

If you are able to put down an asset, you can usually get the most preferred costs and interest rates easily compared to the low payment loans for self employed people. When you can use a collateral to borrow money, your lenders have the legal right, in the event you default on the loan, to take possession of your asset and sell it off to offset the debt you owed to them.

It is ok to have a FICO rating below 700 because there are now more same day response lenders that can deposit the money you need into your personal bank account by the next business day. However, you should be employed with a minimum wage. This is important not just because they may want you to mail in your paystubs. The main reason is, where can you going to find the cash and pay off the loans otherwise?